Fertilization & Pest Control Programs

To ensure your lawn and trees are in good condition we provide streamlined fertilization and pest control services. Our skilled team guarantees minimal to no use of pesticides in performing the job.

Spring Inspection

The ideal time to first evaluate your property is during springtime as we start the new growing season. This is when we check if there’s winter damage such as limb breakage, winter burn and fungal infections and take soil samples for analysis.  


Not all soils need fertilization and a soil test should be the first service on a new client's property. With those results, we can properly add bio-stimulants ( like pro-biotics for your plants ) or nutrients as needed. Healthy soil is the best step to take toward healthy plants and lawns. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. 
Spring Cleaning and Fertilization

Insect & Disease Control

Prevent pests from destroying your lawn or trees and shrubs with our effective insect and disease control services. Where nature needs a helping hand we can step in. We perform foliage, trunk and soil applications as needed, specifically targeting pests and minimizing harm to beneficials. 

Tick and Mosquito Control

Get rid of disease bearing pests with either conventional programs or our organic programs. Our ORGANIC TICK and MOSQUITO CONTROL is made of cedar oil and applied as a spray to wooded and grassy areas, depending on the infestation. We will determine how many sprays are needed when we evaluate your property.


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